The Hostel, Drogheda, 9th May 2009

The Hostel

The Hostel

This was my first investigation so I arrived feeling slightly bewildered, nervous and yet excited. The investigation was being held in a hostel in Drogheda. This hostel had a few paranormal activity stories behind it, one such event even recorded in a book written in the1800s. According to this story a ghost was seen by the father of the resident family and then a commotion heard from the children’s bedroom. Upon inspection of the bedroom the children were found battered and bruised and the floorboards torn up. There was no sign of the nanny and she was later found at her mother’s house. She died a few days later from shock. Another more recent story is that of a backpacker who rolled over in bed in the night to see a small boy staring at him silently in the centre of the room.

During this investigation I was able to learn about some of the methods and equipment being used. The equipment being used ranged from video cameras to EMF readers, while the methods of choice were EVP recordings, vigils and trigger objects, among others.

We were split into small groups and had a first walk around for 20 minute sessions in each room and then later 40 minute sessions.

For my part I enjoyed each session, but the most interesting for me was in the attic. Here I sat near the inner wall and I experienced an odd sensation as if someone were sitting beside me. I felt cold all along that side, my right-hand side. I began to feel uneasy about this and so swapped places with a team member sitting near the window to the far left of the attic. She said she felt warm and comfortable there. I can not be certain if there were a breeze, but the lady who swapped places did not notice any. So, could it be I sensed ‘something’ in the room with us?

We also conducted vigils in the room where the children where found in the story. Nothing came up as far as I know, but all agreed that there was an oppressive, ominous feeling to the room.

Other things that happened to others on this investigation were soap being thrown by unseen hands (a prank by a team member perhaps? Or something more ghostly?), scratches appearing on a team member’s skin the next morning, movement in front of a mirror, a loud ‘bang’ in the attic when requested during a vigil, unseen hands moving cutlery in the kitchen and noises from the bathroom.

I also had an unusual experience in the night, but as I was half conscious at the time, I can not say for sure it was paranormal or my own dream state. I just remember feeling as if someone stroked my head in the night. I am a light sleeper, so perhaps unseen ghostly hands did stroke my head and rouse me. Or was it just a dream brought on by suggestion?

All in all it was an enjoyable experience and I think this hostel deserves further study.


~ by ghostcatcherireland on May 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Hostel, Drogheda, 9th May 2009”

  1. its scary i guess but i live close to it so i may go to it and experience

  2. dident realise that property had that kind of activity, very interesting.

  3. Thanks for your time for composing “The Hostel, Drogheda, 9th May 2009
    Ghost Catcher UK & Ireland’s Blog”. Imay absolutely be back again for a lot more reading and commenting shortly. Thank you, Ashley

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