The Fort, Duncannon, Wexford, 6th June 2009

Duncannon Fort

Duncannon Fort

I joined this public investigation with a friend who is also interested in the paranormal.

The location was beautiful, but marred only by the poor weather. It poured with rain the whole time which scuppered our camping plan.

Duncannon Fort is located on the coast of Wexford. Duncannon Fort, which was built in 1588 and incorporates a maritime museum, Arts centre, café and craft shop and is open daily to visitors from June to September.

The place has a long history of battles, sieges, mutiny, plague, hangings and fires, so plenty of deaths went on in this location.

We had an inital walk around in daylight hours and the equipment of both paranormal groups was set up, including video recording equipment.

During the investigation my friend heard a young male voice say ‘hello?’ near the entrance to the moat. The next morning another person heard a young male voice say ‘hello?’ in the dungeon.So, maybe the same spirit?



Not far from the moat and dungeon there was a tunnel/ passage and I felt a strong tap on my arm from my right side. I thought it was the girl next to me, but she denied it. I then called for it to make itself known by tapping me again or making a noise and a loud tap immediately came from beside me. I nearly jumped out of my skin! We searched the walls, ceiling and floor of the tunnel to see if anything could have dropped or caused the tap on my arm or the tapping noise, but nothing we could see was there to cause it. Pretty creepy….

Down in the cells I also had a strong feeling of a presence and saw subtle movement as if a guard was patrolling backwards and forwards. I don’t feel that the spirit was aware of us, it seemed as if it was a ‘recording’ of past events in the cell. They say that buildings and rock may ‘record’ the events of the past and project these like a video when atmospheric conditions are correct.



In one of the buildings both my friend and I had images of a nurse going about her duties popping up into our minds. However, as there were hospital style beds present in the room, it may have been due to suggestion.

At the bottom of the museum, in the creche area, we also felt a strong ‘tap’ on the side of the play boat in what seemed to be response to a request for a tap. The tap was strong enough for those close to the source to feel vibrations. All people in the boat denied moving around at the time of the tap, but perhaps this sound could have been due to flimsy nature of the fibre-glass material.

During the investigation I was also put under hypnosis at one point. This was in the museum. The outcome of this is that I indicated that there was a female presence in the room, called Anne, who had a connection with the date 1921 and with an item in the museum. I had an image of a lifebelt pop up and pointed to a room in the museum where there turned out to be a lifebelt. We searched documents in the museum for any signs of an ‘Anne’ linked to the date 1921 and found some information to follow up. I found this experiement interesting, but I am not sure how ‘under’ I actually was and how much of the information I gave was due to suggestion.

For me this was an excellent investigation as it was the first time I had experienced any physical paranormal activity. However, the paranormal teams told me it was actually a ‘quiet night’ there. I would love to investigate this place further.

Check out this great video of the investigation, thanks to Monkeyfudge:


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