Protection When Conducting an Investigation

During my recent investigation at Ross Castle I managed to freak myself out somewhat. I believe most of my fear was due to suggestion (due to learning of a particularly unpleasant spirit lingering there) and my own mind. However, this prompted me to become concerned with issues regarding protection from negative spirits. Especially since I have managed to sign myself up for another night in Ross Castle in a few weeks!

On speaking to a Medium about the issue I was told about how occassionally spirits attach themselves to an individual and come home with them. To prevent such a thing happening the Medium told me that it is good to mentally or verbally thank the spirits following the investigation, and ask them to remain in the location. She also recommended asking the spirits to leave you alone if you are feeling fearful or need peace and quiet. This reminded me of something my mother told me about years ago regarding the spirit that was lingering in the retirement home she used to work in. As she was a manageress there she had to sleep over in the room where she had experienced paranormal activity. In order to get a decent nights sleep uninterrupted she would keep a bible, a cross and a glass of water near the bed and say out loud “I need to get some sleep. If you don’t bother me, I won’t bother you.” She said this seemed to do the trick.

I did a bit of research and found a good blog with information about protection affirmations and closing prayers.

Ghost Hunting Secrets:

I hope this may be of use to other budding ‘ghost hunters’. I intend to use these tips on my next trip to Ross Castle, at least for my piece of mind.


~ by ghostcatcherireland on June 25, 2009.

One Response to “Protection When Conducting an Investigation”

  1. Hi Emma,

    Thanks for the mention. Glad you found my article helpful. Your mother is right – one of the best things you can do when dealing with noisy, difficult, or annoying spirits is to speak to them directly. Hope you enjoy your return visit to Ross Castle. 🙂


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