Creepy Convent, Co. Cavan, August 2009

In daylight hours we visited an ominous looking abandoned convent in Co. Cavan. This was not so much of an investigation, rather more a walk around to take photos and gain an impression of the place.

We headed to the basement first, which was pitch black. The majority of the basement level felt fine, but one particular corridor and the large room it led to felt particularly unpleasant.  Orbs were to be seen in the corridor, but these could have been due to dust or flying insects. The large room felt very creepy and one of the group remarked that it felt like people had been punished here.


We moved on to the upper levels which included the cells of the nuns and a possible boarding school area. Throughout the walk around here we heard loud banging of doors, which was most probably due to the wind. However while descending one particular staircase two of the group believed that they had heard whispering voices. I did not hear anything myself, but I do know I got goosebumps while descending those stairs.


This location was very interesting and it seems shameful that it is standing there disused. It also appears to be a place which could do with further investigation, particularly on that staircase and in the basement.


~ by ghostcatcherireland on August 1, 2009.

9 Responses to “Creepy Convent, Co. Cavan, August 2009”

  1. excellent…

  2. love reading about your Investigations keep up the good work

  3. What part of Cavan is this Convent??

    • Its a private location, so I am unable to disclose this information. Other than it is towards the south

    • This convent was in Co.Cavan. It was demolished in 2012. I live in a town not far from this place and was in it plenty of times, both in daytime and at night. Used to see foxes and badgers running in around our feet and up stair cases that was the height of it! Didn’t think anything strange or super natural around the place, since i got to know it so well. Pity they knocked it down but ah well…

  4. I’d just like to remind those who comment on this post that this was a private location and I prefer not to have the exact name or location posted on my blog out of respect for the owners of the property. For those who really must know where it was, a google search of Cavan convents should tell you that information.

  5. i used to live right across from it it was really creepy, i used to go walk around it with my friend and you would hear doors baning on a none windy day one day we went down and i could hear voices like whispering to me its real creepy

  6. We live near there , my mum used to work in the convent looking after sick nuns and the story goes there are babies buried in the back and l’ve heard alot of other stories , my experience is in the basement , l didn’t seen anything but lt was a nice calm day no wind me and my ex walked in at the time the door slammed behind us and we thought nothing of it and then l felt really uneasy and really had to leave , we’ve been all around the building and never had that except for the basement

  7. I was part of a movie crew in this convent and the red walls were painted like that. We didn’t have permission as far as I know. But as for other happenings I can’t comment. But I spent a week there and had to be on my own in rooms and on other floors helping with special FX shaking doors and holding ropes. Blah blah
    Never had a good feeling and definitely felt a woman’s presence. Also the walkie talkie I used used to key up and silent noise

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