Ross Castle Investigation, 29th August 2009

Following the last investigation here where we appeared to have a lot of activity, a new investigation was set up in a rush. This investigation was to include a medium, a sound expert and historian.

However, the investigation yielded few results. The most we found was a bathroom door handle moving while someone was in there and everyone else was in the living room and an eerie feeling in the hallway and en-suite room.

Although there was little activity, this was interesting in itself. It seems to show how if ghosts exist, they do not perform for us upon demand.

The most interesting thing yielded from this investigation was a set a photos taken in the eerie hallway, which showed a blue-green light anomaly which appeared to move positions in the photos.

Some people believe such light anomalies, or ‘orbs’, are the first instances of energy building up by a spirit attempting to appear.

These pictured were shown to experts who advised me of the natural causes:

“it is likely to be a little lens flare, which is probably caused by the bounced flash in the mirror at the end of the hall and as a result of the angle of your shooting.”

See below for the photos:

Light anomaly on the cupboard

Light anomaly on the floor

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~ by ghostcatcherireland on August 29, 2009.

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