Dublin ParaCon, 7th November 2009

The 2nd Dublin Paranormal Convention took place on the 7th November 2009 in the Radisson Hotel, Dublin near St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

This year we Ciaran O’Keeffe (of LivingTv’s Most Haunted), Barry FitzGerald (of Sci-Fi Channel’s GHI), Steven Parsons, Richard Jones and Damien and Dave of Blather.net were present as guest speakers.

A number of Investigation Groups from around Ireland and the UK were present including the PIGs, PRAI, Leinster Paranormal, Bumpz in the Nite, IPIC, Paranormal Ulster and SpiritFinders Scotland.

I attended the Paranormal Convention in order to meet others working in the paranormal field and to learn more about the paranormal and investigation methods from the free talks by guest speakers.

The PIGs had a very impressive stall including a psychic (Zenner) card test. The BumpzInTheNite crew were also close at hand with their stall highlighting their activities and past investigations.

I was able to attend two of the free talks. The first I attended was by Richard Jones,  author of the best-selling books Walking Haunted London; Haunted Britain and Ireland; Myths and Legends of Britain and Ireland; Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland; Walking Dickensian London; Haunted Inns of Britain and Ireland; Haunted London; Haunted Houses of Britain and Ireland; Mystical Britain and Ireland; Uncovering Jack the Ripper’s London; and Jack the Ripper:- The Casebook. I had met Richard Jones before when I attended one of his excellent London Ghost Walks. Although I missed the first half of his talk I was able to catch the second half where he spoke about theories regarding ‘Jack the Ripper’.

The second talk I attended was given by Ciaran O’Keeffe, parapsychologist of Most Haunted, and Steve Parsons, one of the UK’s foremost Psychical Researchers and Investigators. The talk was titled ‘How Not to Investigate the Paranormal’ and highlighted many mistakes inexperienced, and sometimes experienced, paranormal investigators make and how to limit these.

All in all the Dublin Paranormal Convention was an excellent event which had clearly been meticulously planned to provide satisfaction and interest to its visitors. Roll on Dublin ParaCon 2010!


~ by ghostcatcherireland on November 7, 2009.

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