Haunted History Tour with Hidden Dublin Walks

I recently had the pleasure to attend Hidden Dublin Walks ‘Haunted History Tour. Although this tour was aimed more towards history and legend, rather than paranormal investigation, it was a throughly enjoyable tour which gave me an overview of some of the well-known sightings of ghosts in the city.

Our guide took us on a tour through the older parts of the city covering places such as Dublin Castle, the site of the Eagle Tavern where the skeleton of a dwarf sacrificed by the Hellfire Club was reputed to have been found, Christchurch Cathedral where a military man was supposedly eaten by rats in the crypt and ending up at the eerie St. Audoens church where the ghost of Darky Kelly wanders and the gates to the catacombs known as ‘Hell’ due to its whorehouses and drug dens.

From a paranormal investigator’s perspective I found the location of St Audoens church very interesting. It is a highly atmospheric and eerie location. I had visited this place previously on another tour, but had not experienced anything particularly notable. However, on entering the grassy area to the side of the church, the guide locking the gates behind us, I felt an eerie presence. It felt very much as if we were being watched.

The guide here told us of some of his personal experiences, where he had heard strange noises and had noticed piles of stones appearing randomly on the path, moving from day-to-day.

Upon leaving this area the guide was alarmed to find the gate unlocked. He seemed sincere in that he believed he had locked it and he stated that this had happened before, hinting at a ghostly lock pick. This of course may have all been an act, part of the tour.After this we proceeded down the 40 steps to the gate of ‘Hell’. I took plenty of photos here as I was aware that Darky Kelly is reputed to haunt the steps. At the bottom of the steps we all complained of feeling watched from the area above, where we had just left, and became startled when we all heard a loud noise or movement coming from that area.

Upon analysing my photos from the tour I found a very unusual shape in one of the photos taken on the 40 steps. I brightened this to see more detail and the shape seems see through. I initially thought it to be a shadow, as it is transparent, but the colour and positioning seems odd. It was also taken with no flash in very little light. Although I cannot say this is a ghost, it is still a very interesting photo indeed and I welcome any ideas of what may have caused it naturally.

The unusual photoAll in all I had a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience on the Haunted History Tour and I would recommend it to anyone interested in history, ghosts and the paranormal. I hope to attend a few more Hidden Dublin Walks in future.

If you are interested in attending a Hidden Dublin Walk please visit:


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~ by ghostcatcherireland on December 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Haunted History Tour with Hidden Dublin Walks”

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed our Haunted History tour! We would love for you to come to our new Northside Ghost Walk that begins March 1st! 🙂

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