Ghost Catcher Ireland Becomes Bumpz In The Nite Member

I am pleased to say that after following BumpzInTheNite on several investigations and applying to be their newest trainee paranormal investigator I have now been invited to join their team. I am very much looking forward to working with them from now on.

Bumpzinthenite was established in 2008. There are now five members in the group, with myself and another member joining recently.

We are dedicated to investigating the paranormal with the utmost respect for both the locations and the people involved. We try to carry out our research based upon both spiritual and scientific experiments.

Humans have been experiencing things they cannot explain for thousands of years, so the concept of a spiritual world should not be so shocking.  We feel that a scientific standpoint is necessary in paranormal investigation, as new technology helps to separate documented facts from rumour and myth.

We must always take in to consideration other factors that might lead people to believing that a place is haunted.  These can be anything from squeaky floor boards to draughts from ill fitted windows.  We also have to look at the history of the places we investigate, a building that has seen many deaths or violent crimes can be deemed haunted because of its history.  Unfortunately not all ghostly activity’s accompanied with the human shaped white mist that floats down the hall way, wanting to be photographed.  So we must document all our findings scientifically so the data will at least be taken seriously.  Just because we are studying extraordinary activity, that doesn’t mean we should abandon all logic and reason.  So using equipment to validate findings is sometimes essential.

And above all it’s fun…..

Check out the Bumpz In the Nite Website for more information on upcoming investigations and investigations open to the public:

Find us on Facebook:

Celebrating joining the team


~ by ghostcatcherireland on December 8, 2009.

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  1. Yay!!

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