Ghost Hunters Guide

By Michelle Mc Sweeney ( BumpzInTheNite)©

– Remember to always be respectful of ghosts & spirits We want to be taken seriously.

– We always want to present ourselves as being the one in control. Conduct yourself as a professional at all times.

– Self confidence and control will radiate like a beacon of light and thus serve as a shield of protection Never seek out entities on your own; a team of two or three works well, while larger groups would be better to split up.

– Listen to your instincts and your intuition, draw from the power within. You will find this to be your greatest resource.

– Commit yourself to the task at hand until it is done. A combined effort makes the team a whole intricate working structure.

– Go into an investigation with a kind heart and a gracious attitude. But most of all with the knowledge that most so called hauntings can be explained (i.e. a house settling.) And as strange as it may seem, you must also consider the mental and emotional state of the occupants. Paranoia, delusional aspects and mental illness in general may be a consideration.

– Be familiar with all aspects of the supernatural; know the entities that you pursue. The more you know, the more confident you become. And always try to have a scientific standpoint.

– Consider all aspects of an investigation before you go; a walk through ahead of time is always advisable. A history check is helpful as well; anything you find out before hand will be to your advantage.

– Make sure others outside your team know where you are when on an investigation. And of course a mobile phone is a must.

– Know your limits; it’s ok to be scared. Even the most hardened and expert investigator will have at some point been at least a little frightened. So do not listen to the gobshites who tell you otherwise.


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