I  live in Bristol, England. I am an ex-member of the paranormal investigation team BumpzInTheNite with whom I went on numerous investigations with when I lived in Dublin, Ireland.

I have decided to begin a blog chronicling my experiences of attending paranormal investigations in Ireland, alongside two paranormal groups: BumpzInTheNite (http://www.bumpzinthenite.com/) and the PIGS (Paranormal Investigation Guys http://ghost.ie/). So far I have been on three such investigations and have enjoyed each one, not only for the incite into the paranormal side of things, but also for the great locations (I love history, so it is great to have access to haunted historical sites) and the wonderful people I have met.

As well as detailing my own experiences on these investigations I will also include some ghostly experiences from close friends and also interesting articles I find on the web.

I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a teenager. I would take out non-fiction books from the library and read them at home after school, waiting for my mum to return from work. I would often scare myself silly and have to wait for her to arrive before I could move off the chair! I kept up my interest in the paranormal after leaving school, but it was only recently that I was able to explore the paranormal more deeply. During the past few years I have attended a group past life regression, had an ‘angel’ experience, attended a séance, experienced some minor premonitions and had other experiences that have lead me to believe that I may be somewhat psychically ’sensitive’. I may work to develop this further in the future if my interest in the area grows.

2009-2014 Ghost Catcher UK & Ireland© All rights reserved. All my posts are copyright and if you do wish to refer to them or use anything from them on your site, please ask permission first: emma.holohan@gmail.com


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